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Eric L. Ollila is an international speaker and ordained minister. He served in the United States and Canada for over 20 years in professional ministry as a pastor, chaplain, instructor, and executive.

He spent eight of those years as the speaker for Sounds of Worship–a weekly radio broadcast aired nationally on VOAR Christian Family Radio Network (now called Lighthouse FM). In 2015, he received the “Making the Difference” award for being named “Clergy of the Year,” voted by VOAR listeners. Eric has officiated eight International Peace Officers Memorial Day Church Services and two NL Police and Peace Officers Memorial Parades in St. John’s. In 2017-2018, Eric served as a volunteer co-chair of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada’s Avalon Celebration of Hope Communications Team.

Eric continues to use his public speaking and leadership gifts to inspire and help others place a proper value on themselves and believe in their dreams and ability to create a desirable future for themselves, their families, businesses, and communities. As an engaging and dynamic teacher, Eric helps individuals and their organizations discover, rediscover, and clarify how to live a substantive, abundant, and fulfilling life.

Eric has spoken to audiences and engaged with people of all backgrounds, including secular atheists, Jewish, Buddhists, Muslims, Bahai, Hindus, Protestants, and Catholics. He has the exceptional ability to connect with and understand others at the most profound emotional and spiritual levels. Because of this rare ability, Eric is uniquely positioned to help business and government leaders and their boards draw out and capitalize on the strengths their constituents and employees offer by their varied and diverse religious and non-religious backgrounds.

He desires to see all people rise and shine by living up to their full potential, regardless of religious or political background. He believes families, businesses, and society generally miss out on something special every time an individual does not discover and live up to their full potential. Eric believes that it is the leader’s job to create environments that promote and foster a growth mindset and help everyone under their influence grow, develop, and discover their strengths and weaknesses.

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