About Us

Here at Eric Ollila Consulting, we seek to help you create diverse, global, high-performance teams that positively impact the communities where you live and work.

Our focus areas include leadership, communication, sales, marketing, and information and communication technology.

Vision Statement

Empowering Organizations and Individuals for Proven Results, Synergetic Growth, Global Excellence, and Unwavering Radiance.

Our vision at Eric Ollila Consulting is to be a driving force that empowers entities and individuals to achieve proven results, fostering collaborative growth, global excellence, and a lasting positive influence.

  1. Empowering Organizations and Individuals: Our primary goal is to empower organizations and individuals through tailored coaching and consulting services. We offer guidance, strategic support, and transformative insights, equipping our clients with the tools and knowledge needed to overcome challenges and achieve tangible, proven results.
  2. Proven Results and Infinite Potential: Emphasizes a mindset that recognizes boundless possibilities for growth, development, and achievement, unlocking and maximizing untapped potential through tangible results.
  3. Synergetic Growth: Stresses the collaborative and harmonious development of organizations and individuals, where combined efforts lead to measurable and impactful results.
  4. Global Excellence: Commitment to achieving the highest standards of quality, effectiveness, and impact on a global scale, transcending geographical boundaries with a focus on demonstrable excellence.
  5. Unwavering Radiance: Implies a consistent and enduring brilliance or positive influence, extending to the impact on individuals, organizations, and the global community, supported by tangible results.

Mission Statement

At Eric Ollila Consulting, our mission is to a premier leader in fostering synergetic growth, unlocking human potential, and aligning individuals and organizations across business, enterprise, non-profit, government, and education sectors with their purpose. Grounded in spiritual principles and guided by a comprehensive vision, we are dedicated to:

  1. Make a Tangible Global Impact Through Proven Results: Extend our synergetic consulting and life coaching services worldwide, providing unparalleled expertise to organizations, businesses, non-profits, governments, and educational institutions, delivering tangible and proven results.
  2. Pioneering Transformative Visionary and Strategic Leadership: Pioneer the cultivation of transformative leaders globally by providing specialized guidance in vision creation, strategic thinking, and leadership development across diverse sectors. Recognizing and developing leaders of various styles, with a special emphasis on transformational, visionary, and strategic leadership.
  3. Sharing Success Principles and Habits that Transcend Borders: Inspire the adoption of success-oriented mindsets and habits globally, supporting continuous growth and development internationally, with a focus on achieving measurable success.
  4. Promoting Lifelong Learning and Understanding Across Cultures: Encourage a commitment to continuous learning, self-discovery, and personal development, fostering a global community dedicated to growth and improvement, reflected in tangible results.
  5. Enhance Effective Communication on a Global Scale: Enhance communication skills for meaningful personal and professional interactions on a global scale, ensuring clarity and understanding in diverse cultural contexts with measurable communication outcomes.
  6. Educate on Goal Setting and Achievement Worldwide: Educate globally in setting and achieving goals and key results, aligning them with overarching visions and visualizations, with a strong focus on measurable achievements.
  7. Foster Character Development and Winsome Attitudes: Foster character growth and cultivate positive attitudes internationally, contributing to personal well-being and organizational success worldwide, with measurable impacts on character development.
  8. Synergetic Well-being on a Global Scale: Redesign wealth to encompass total well-being in life and spirituality, integrating wealth creation strategies with synergetic principles, impacting communities across the globe with measurable improvements in well-being.
  9. Unleashing Potential with Measurable Outcomes and Innovative Solutions: Encourage individuals and organizations worldwide to tap into limitless potential and think in alignment with divine purpose, contributing to global betterment through measurable outcomes.
  10. Leading in Global Consulting with Impactful, Real-world Solutions: Set the standard for integrating synergetic consulting principles into businesses, enterprises, and technological landscapes on a global level, with a focus on tangible and lasting impact.

Global Goal: To become a premier global consulting firm, recognized for our unmatched effectiveness in empowering organizations and individuals worldwide across various sectors, delivering proven and measurable results.

Meet Eric Ollila

Owner/CEO of Eric Ollila Consulting | Grant Cardone Licensee | Certified 10X Coach, Mentor, Speaker | Business and Enterprise Consultant | Nonprofit/NGO Consultant | Communication, IT, Media Professional | Pastor and Spiritual Guide | International Speaker

The founder of Eric Ollila Consulting, Eric is dedicated to empowering people to believe in themselves and their ability to shape their future. Eric is an international speaker, media personality, businessman, entrepreneur, nonprofit executive, communication-IT-media professional, pastor, and investor.

Eric is a Grant Cardone Licensee and Certified 10X Speaker, Mentor, and Coach. He works with businesses, enterprises, NGOs/nonprofits, educational institutions, governmental bodies, and religious organizations. Eric helps executives, leaders, politicians, and their staff to 10X their organizations by harnessing the power of their unique organizational culture and supercharging their leadership, management, sales, marketing, information and communication technology, finance, and customer service. He also helps individuals develop businesses and investments that produce additional income streams.

Learn about Eric’s background
Eric Ollila
Eric Ollila and Grant Cardone

About Eric as a Grant Cardone 10X Licensee

Eric decided to invest in and become an expert in the Grant Cardone 10X Licensee program because he was impressed by the quality and scalability of the services. Having worked in an enterprise environment with multiple teams and subsidiaries under his oversight, Eric understands the complexities of implementing company-wide support and training for employees and staff.

Cardone University and Cardone On-Demand provide a robust solution that addresses sales, marketing, onboarding, customer service, management, attitude, and mindset. Coupled with Eric’s coaching and expertise, Cardone University, the Grant Cardone Master Curriculum, Breakout Curriculum, and Core Curriculum, provides businesses and enterprises with a comprehensive, scalable solution with accountability.