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Meet Eric Ollila

Owner/CEO of Eric Ollila Consulting | Grant Cardone Licensee | Certified 10X Coach, Mentor, Speaker | Business and Enterprise Consultant | Nonprofit/NGO Consultant | Communication, IT, Media Professional | Pastor and Spiritual Guide | International Speaker

The founder of Eric Ollila Consulting, Eric is dedicated to empowering people to believe in themselves and their ability to shape their future. Eric is an international speaker, media personality, businessman, entrepreneur, nonprofit executive, communication-IT-media professional, pastor, and investor.

Eric is a Grant Cardone Licensee and Certified 10X Speaker, Mentor, and Coach. He works with businesses, enterprises, NGOs/nonprofits, educational institutions, governmental bodies, and religious organizations. Eric helps executives, leaders, politicians, and their staff to 10X their organizations by harnessing the power of their unique organizational culture and supercharging their leadership, management, sales, marketing, information and communication technology, finance, and customer service. He also helps individuals develop businesses and investments that produce additional income streams.

Eric Ollila
Grant Cardone Licensee
Eric Ollila and Grant Cardone

About Eric as a Grant Cardone 10X Licensee

Eric decided to invest in and become an expert in the Grant Cardone 10X Licensee program because he was impressed by the quality and scalability of the services. Having worked in an enterprise environment with multiple teams and subsidiaries under his oversight, Eric understands the complexities of implementing company-wide support and training for employees and staff.

Cardone University and Cardone On-Demand provide a robust solution that addresses sales, marketing, onboarding, customer service, management, attitude, and mindset. With Eric’s coaching and ability to present and teach all the Grant Cardone Master, Breakout, and Core Curriculum, it provides businesses and enterprises with a comprehensive, scalable solution with accountability.