Eric Ollila

Eric L. Ollila is a seasoned speaker and consultant with over 20 years of experience in leadership, organizational transformation, and technology. Known for his visionary insights and engaging storytelling, Eric has guided organizations to optimize performance and embrace innovative technology solutions. Join Eric for impactful presentations that inspire and transform.

Eric L. Ollila - Professional Speaker and Presenter

Eric L. Ollila is a distinguished speaker, consultant, and leader with a dynamic career spanning over two decades. With a robust background in leadership, organizational transformation, and technology, Eric has inspired and guided diverse audiences across North America.


Eric's journey began with a profound commitment to community outreach and pastoral leadership. He has provided visionary leadership to multiple churches and groups, fostering strong community relationships and guiding individuals through transformative growth. Recognized for his empathetic and effective communication, Eric has received numerous accolades for his contributions to spiritual leadership and community service.

Organizational Transformation

Eric has a proven track record in driving strategic change and optimizing organizational performance. His expertise in company reorganizations, branding initiatives, and business acquisitions has helped numerous organizations double and triple their revenues. As a board member of a billion-dollar international organization, Eric has played a key role in shaping strategic initiatives and ensuring effective governance.


A seasoned expert in IT transformation, Eric has led groundbreaking projects for major organizations, including the Alberta Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. His technical proficiency encompasses IT infrastructure development, cloud migrations, and the implementation of Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 solutions. Eric's innovative approach to technology integration has consistently enhanced operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Engaging Presenter

Eric's engaging presentation style combines deep expertise with relatable storytelling. He has delivered impactful messages to global audiences through radio broadcasts, webinars, and live events. Whether discussing transformational leadership, organizational growth, or cutting-edge technology, Eric captivates and motivates his audience, leaving a lasting impression.

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Eric L. Ollila – Transforming leaders, organizations, and communities through visionary leadership and innovative technology.

Eric Ollila