Ghislain Larochelle

Owner of | Coach | Trainer | Expert in Real Estate Investment (15+ yrs.) | Grant Cardone 10X Licensee

With a master’s degree in engineering and an MBA, Ghislain Larochelle is passionate about real estate and sales. He owns a real estate portfolio that includes more than 300 rental properties, a shopping center, and commercial premises.

He is the founding CEO of, a training facility located in the Greater Montreal Metropolitan area that helps people achieve financial freedom through real estate. Investor, author, broker, public speaker, and real estate coach, he has helped thousands of real estate investors achieve their goals for over 20 years, sold tens of thousands of copies of his books, and conducted hundreds of conferences, events and media interviews. As a Grant Cardone 10X Licensee, Ghislain wishes to pass on to his clientele and students the fundamental notions of sales and thus lead them to surpass themselves and propel their business to the highest level.

Ghislain Larochelle

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